Dual and Concurrent Credit

Earn College Credit While in High School

Programs for High School Students

High school students can get ahead on their college career by enrolling in courses at Collin College for either dual credit or concurrent credit with approval from their high school. 


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Program Introduction

What is Dual Credit?

Dual Credit is earning high school and college credit simultaneously for one college course

What is Concurrent Credit?

Concurrent credit is high school students taking college courses while in high school, but not earning high school credit. 

Who can participate?

Students enrolled in a public high school, private, charter, or homeschool who...


  • Have permission from their high school


  • Complete the entire enrollment process at Collin College


  • Are a high school student (9th grade) at the time of enrollment


  • Demonstrate the maturity level needed to be successful in college course work


  • Meet course prerequisite and placement requirements


  • Are in good academic standing in Collin College

Benefits of Dual Credit

  • Allows students to progress towards their college goals without having to wait until high school graduation.


  • Encourages students to earn college credits while attending high school that apply toward college graduation.


  • Students experience a college environment and the rigor of a college course.



  • Provides smaller class size options.


  • Eliminates the duplication of courses taken in high school and college.


  • Provides access to all that Collin College offers: the Learning Center, the Library, the Bookstore, even a student ID (which provides additional benefits).

Program Costs

How do I get started?

Program procedures and options vary by ISD/high school. Find your high school's designated information page for program details and designated staff members. Home school students and students that do not attend partnering high schools have designated pages as well. 

Important Policies

  • Dual/Concurrent students must have written approval (permission form) from their high school or homeschool administrator for any course they plan to enroll in at Collin College. 


  • Dual/Concurrent Credit students must adhere to Collin College's student handbook


  • With high school approval, dual credit students can enroll in one (1) wintermester or maymester course


  • High School students are ineligible for Kinesiology (KINE) and developmental education (ex. MATH-0405) courses


  • High school students are not able to audit courses

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